And the results are out! Just an hour after the last to audition, the results were posted outside of the gymnasium.

As head of the PE Department, my aunt was the one who posted the final results for the auditions, and just before she posted it, she gave a nice grin on the face and looked me in the eye from a distance. Right when she had it posted, she turned her back to see me and gave me an all proud face.

From then on, I am sure I got into the cut. Though I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t end up grabbing the main role because I tripped; it was my just up to me t check on the results.

While everybody was out in front of the posted results, I was surprised when I bumped into one of the senior dancers and she congratulated me. Another dancer from the dance group who auditioned also came up to me and had me congratulated. And even told me that I had the best burlesque costumes from everyone who auditioned.

Well, judging by the reaction of everybody, I can tell that I made it on the main role. But still I had to see it for myself. I was a bit worried to check it while everybody was on front of the list. And so, when everyone was about to leave, I came in front of the list to check it out myself.

And what came into my mind is the best of burlesque costumes, the best productions crew and of course lovely and attentive audience too.

I couldn’t wait back then but to perform and give it my best, and up to now, I still do!