Who owned the crowd’s full attention? If you were to ask me it would definitely be that cute little girl on her best burlesque costumes and that adorable man on his burlesque inspired costume too. They did not only stood out because of their burlesque costumes, but also because they way they carried out their performance.

Every dance move that matches very tone of the music captured everyone’s attention and I know that everyone in the audience would agree with what I am saying. I never really wanted to act or be like a critic or something, all I know is just I wanted to appreciate every part of tonight’s performances including my favorite part and that is burlesque costumes of course.

And so the performance went with the dancer’s tone of the body and the body’s every curve; and of course with me, all jaw-dropped. I wanted to make everything count and so I made it a point to have noted everything that I could in the performance. First, the dancers on the background which I considered as supporting dancers, were all performing so well and I could say that some were actually timid about their dance steps and moves just to make the other (main dancers) shine.

I know that this was not easy for all the supporting dancers. And that I know that it has been a challenge to the top two dancers to actually stand out and that the same goes with the supporting dancers to the background to be timid. If you were actually familiar with every dancer and you are familiar with the tone of their body and curves, you will know that there are dancers in background who could actually shine; but it was amazing to see how they gave each other the opportunity to actually shine on their own main role.