And so the show started with live music and beaming rays of light in different colors; with the burlesque dancers on their burlesque costumes, looking at their best.

I was seated next to my cousin Shawn and next to her was a Hollywood director I personally didn't recognize. However, it so happens that Shawn has been a twitter follower of the director all this time and that she was very eager to get his autograph and a picture with him.

I, On the other hand was on a deep state of concentration on the show. Although Shawn tells me that it’s actually her third time to watch such burlesque shows with beautiful burlesque costumes, she couldn't help but to feel amazed, over and over again.

The first act was a solo. It was performed by a blonde woman with long slender legs and long Goldilocks' hair. I was so in love with her performance that I made it a point to take some video of her. What amazed me at the same time was she was able to switch from one set of burlesque costumes to another, as if it only took a matter of 3-4 seconds. I almost thought that a little bit of magic was involved in her changing of burlesque costumes, and so I asked Shawn about it.

"Hey, do you think that at some point, this has something to do with magic?" I asked Shawn.

And she hurriedly replied, "Yes, of course. Although I wouldn't call it magic really. It’s just a matter of practice on how she got to change those burlesque costumes."

"Yeah, also it may have something to do on how they tailored and made the burlesque costumes, too!" I answered back.

And I thought to myself, wow! This is just the first act of the two-hour long show and I have already picked up some great new ideas for my burlesque costumes! I am too eager to see more!