Everybody felt so overwhelmed with my presence that more and more relatives came by to Aunt Lucy’s house to meet me. I wanted to remember everyone by their name but I must admit that I am poor on names that I do not often remember.

However, I loved it that everyone is kind enough to make me want to feel welcome. Even more, there are a few who brought me some burlesque costumes items that I could definitely use.

I am so excited to start my Las Vegas tour today. Today, we are scheduled to view a lot of burlesque show schedules and even burlesque costumes in and it will be my choice to choose what I want to see. I was surprised that my cousins were all busy checking on the burlesque shows with the best burlesque costumes!

So I made my choice. My Aunt Lucy was so kind enough to pay for our tickets. She is saying that it will be her pleasure to show me around and that I would be the one to take her around to when she comes to Australia.

And so, I wanted to see the next burlesque costumes and shows at the MGM Grand and it will be the next day on schedule. I wanted not to be a burden since the tickets are a bit costly and I wanted to help on the bill and so I offered some of my savings for this one.

Aunt Lucy was also kind enough to accept it since I insisted. I wanted to make this burlesque trip so memorable so I wanted to make it a point that these burlesque shows and burlesque costumes will have influenced me.

I am so excited to have things on my way and this trip to burlesque shows with the most amazing burlesque costumes is so exciting.