Dressing up for tonight’s burlesque costumes and shows is a great challenge for me. Nobody ever mentioned I had to dress up ala Oscar awards night! Sad thing is, I haven’t bought with me any dress or long gown to match the event.

It was my bad. I wanted this night to be perfect but I didn’t even have a clue what to wear. And so, I held out my excitement in seeing those wonderful burlesque costumes and the whole burlesque show and went out to my cousin and blurred out my problem.

“Shawn, I have a problem.” I said.

“How may I help you today?” Shawn asked with a grin..

“I don’t have anything to wear with the burlesque costumes and shows we are to watch at MGM!”

“Don’t worry my dear, that won’t be a bit of a problem.”

What happened next was a big surprise! Shawn showed me her collection of nice long gowns, with glitters, laces and even with brooches and great accessories.

“Unlike you my dear cousin who happens to collect the best burlesque costumes, I on the other hand loves to collect the best of all gowns.” said Shawn.

“Cousin, I would love to make a collection as big as yours.”

And so, I chose among the fine collection of gowns Shawn owns, and what I have chosen are really gorgeous. Ofcourse, I had to borrow a purse and a pair of shoes to match.

My gown was a designer gown and same dress with the same cut and style was worn by Hollywood actresses on the Oscars, well that’s what Shawn said.

So for tonight’s event, I wouldn’t just be heads up with my love for burlesque costumes but also for this wonderful gown I am wearing. All thanks to Shawn.