Just when I thought I had enough of the male dancers on stage with their stunning burlesque costumes, here comes another part of the act that will sure make the burlesque show whole lot different –little girls on their cute and adorable burlesque costumes.

Just when the third act is about to finish, here comes these little girls dressed in burlesque costumes that pair up with the other burlesque costumes, when there is a man in purple and pink burlesque costumes, there also comes this little girl in the same pairing burlesque costumes.

Each little girl headed on their partner, and I assumed that these adorable men were their fathers. So these men were entirely playing different musical instruments throughout their number and acted as if they were too busy working on something. At the end of it all, it was a dad’s way of life trying to make it out through the day to come home with their family and little girls!

These burlesque costumes did not only match up to their daddy’s but were also a way of showing that there’s this special connection between the father and their daughters. This gave me the idea that we could actually invite young girls and boys from the lower grade to join us.

It has always amazed me to see children on stage and this time, seeing them in colorful burlesque costumes really caught me.

This way, we could even expand the burlesque dance group and invite little ones to join us. Though it would be a whole lot of challenge to teach little ones to perform at their best, it will be a very nice option to gain more audience at the same time.

I would love to see young kids running around the stage on their fancy burlesque costumes, and I look forward to holding an audition for them.