If there is one thing I love the most about dancing on stage, it has got to be all about my burlesque costumes.

I love how every burlesque costume comes to life. From the very beginning of the production, I absolutely adore how every staff thinks of the appropriate burlesque costume that will not only suit the character but will also suit the dancer too.

I wonder where do they exactly get that creativity to brainstorm about making every costume unique from one another; and how every costume would have an individual personality among the others.

After the whole brainstorming, every burlesque costume is sketched in full color to see how it may look like. Right there and then, every costume is designed to fit each dancer it is assigned into.

In my case, I go for a session where I have a meeting with the costume department. Then, they determine my size and let me see the materials to be used to, whether I would be comfortable on it or not. Most of the time, they would also solicit my advice about the costumes and I would be eager to give my suggestions anyway.

Right after the meeting with the costume department, and a week of waiting, I will then be called for a session for the first fitting. This is the time where I get really excited to see my burlesque costumes and would even ramp on stage for the whole stage production group to see me!

Whether alterations will be necessary, the costume department is then given two to three more days to have it all done.

Back at home, this is how we make burlesque costumes, I wonder how they make it here in Las Vegas.