Have you ever thought of the one star I am about to feature? She is stunning with a very charming face; blonde and truly one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood today. Now who do you have in mind? It's no other than Jennifer Lawrence. With all the movies she starred with, with which do one do you want me to begin? Since she had been featured in various movies and that she had played different roles, I find it even more challenging to actually have a burlesque costume suited for her character. To start with, I would like to set up a list of characters that Jennifer Lawrence played in the movies and I would have to bear in mind that each of these characters should have a well-suited set of burlesque costumes. And here we go with the list: 1. Katniss Everdeen from Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games Did you know that the name Katniss actually comes from an Edible Plant with the same name? Now that is something new to me too. I think it will be very important to relate to the ser pf burlesque costumes. And since Katniss is originally a plant, it will be necessary to have green as the major color of the burlesque costumes too. Next stop on the list is one of her sexiest and intriguing role as: 2. Mystique in X-Men Did you know that Mystique is a fictional character associated with the Marvel Comics' franchise X-Men and was created by artist David Cockrum and writer Chris Claremont? This is another fun fact to put in mind! Known to have the ability to shape shift as to any character and form she likes, Mystique's original appearance solely comes in blue skin and yellow eyes. Now what about a set of burlesque costumes that come in blue and yellow for this one?