Enough of the colors I love and their meanings, we will go back to the girl I Love in Hollywood and that are no other than Jennifer Lawrence. I will be contemplating to you the reasons why I loved this girl so much and will continue to talk about her and the different set of burlesque costumes I have in lined for her too!

Have you ever thought why I chose to feature Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in my blog posts and burlesque costumes?

It's because I admire her so much that I have been a follower of her career; and of course to her role as Mystique in the very recent X-Men movie.

What motivated me to feature Jennifer Lawrence if not simply because I loved the movie and I admire her as an actress but also because I loved how she portrayed her role in the movie; and how her role became an inspiration to me.

I really admire how Raven stood up for the rights of the mutants. On the very recent X-Men film, the whole story I think focused to her. It revolved to how badly she wanted to stand up for the rights of her fellow mutants and how much she wanted to avenge the death of the others.

At the same time, she never failed to also show compassion, love and respect to those who love and care for her too.

Despite all these, she actually listened to the people around her and surrendered her own desires for the good of the many! Now how that is for a super hero villain act?

Not only do I love designing burlesque costumes for Jennifer, I just love all the roles she has taken into the big screen too!