Looking into the different burlesque costumes and colors I have featured; I can't be more than surprised to see that I am saving other colors that you love for the last.

What type of colors am I referring to? I am talking about the brightness you see on some of the modern color favorites in the fashion industry which are also making their way to the ramps and fashion magazines; and this time to the stage with your burlesque costumes.

These colors may be from the popular shades that we are fond of, but truly they make a whole new impression especially when it comes to clothes to wear. While I may be talking about a newer shade found between blue, green and a bit of yellow while talking about teal also known as turquoise, this another modern favorite color is fiercer than red and hotter than pink!

I am talking about hot pink! What other color do you have in mind?

If you see yourself in hot pink and a choice of burlesque costumes in pink and you get excited about this idea, then read along the next few blog articles and posts that we will be posting for you and discover more about this color!

Hot pink like teal is definitely on the lime light in this modern aged world; and it's no denial that this should also invade the burlesque costumes scene, stage acts and burlesque shows!

Seeing a burlesque dancer dancing and owning the stage in hot burlesque costumes would indeed make a whole of difference in the overall wardrobe of the production. This would be such a great leap for the burlesque costumes industry.