I admired Michael not only because he was good to me and everyone else, but also because I knew his stories and his dreams.

Behind of the best burlesque costumes that Michael designs and his whole team produces, Michael is also a fun and loving only son to his parents. I heard these stories not only from Michael but also from his fellow stage production team. Even more, I also got the chance to meet them when we had to pick up something for the burlesque costumes from Michael’s house. His mother was so charming and she gave me this sweet smile.

I was only on 6th grade back then and Michael was at his mid-20’s. I even thought to myself that if I were on the right age, I could have had Michael as my boyfriend. But boy, how silly of my to be thinking about that. So, I just thought to myself again that it would be a whole lot better to have him as a good friend instead.

For the whole duration of practice, Michael has always been a source of inspiration for me and the rest of the dancers. His motivating words always keep all us of in the mood and every practice session is never complete without his short messages. Plus, Michael always does his charm with all his creations of burlesque costumes.

At the same time, we all appreciated Michael and his works of art because he did just a great job with all of our burlesque costumes. Even more, we do not only appreciate him for being there for all of us; but we appreciate him even more because he has always been a friend to all of us.