Like me, I know you are very excited to know what transpired on the fourth act with tonight’s show. As I have mentioned, we will be saving the ending of the burlesque act with another post, and here goes this one and here goes what I think about it too.

As a fine young woman, I too am in search of a prince charming that would sweep me off my feet and treat me like his queen. I would like to have a man who will stand up for what we have; and will defeat all odds to be with me and just me.

If only this could happen in real life, I simply couldn’t deny, I envy this young and beautiful lady I see on stage. Not her beautiful set of burlesque costumes and her flawless moves, but ending up with the man she loves after everything that has happened to them and their relationship in between. It might have been a really short act, about 20 minutes or so, but If you only try and breakthrough within and inside the story, you will know what I am talking about.

The two main acts, the lovers, sealed the ending of the movie with a romantic scene; incorporating sexy dance steps and slow music on the side. The choreography was flawless with the man holding the woman up, with moves and stunts you might only see on extreme rumba in Olympic dance sports. I think it was really sexy to include such steps and choreography together with burlesque.

Even more, the curtains were closed when the two dancers/ lovers were about to kiss. I just couldn’t help but smile and feel that love is in the air.