I was really excited about these auditions and I thank God for the support I am getting from my family and friends, especially my Aunt who was the head of the PE department of the school. Some told me that I only got in because my Aunt was there in the back stage whispering nice thoughts of me on the judges.

Some even tells that I only got in because my Aunt gave me my burlesque costumes and that my Aunt made sure I get it.

I say, they are all wrong. I can tell by the looks of the judges and also the audience that I got in because of my ever wonderful talent. Trust me, this happened on the 6th grade but I can still recall how I managed to stay on top of the competition during the auditions.

I thank God my giving me a very supportive Aunt and I couldn’t take her enough for providing me the best burlesque costumes that sure made its scene when I entered the stage.

Also, I was very thankful to see some of my friends on the audience cheering for me. And of course, seeing my mom and dad all smiles the moment I entered the stage made my performance even better.

I can still tell how this auditions changed my life. This was the begging of a life-long career that I will surely treasure and nourish. I maybe on the 6th grade back then but I know that I showed the best in me all ready and every judge also have seen that in me.

I can still tell how happy I am back then and how proud my parents and Aunt for me.