Just before the night ended, I made a call to my Mother in Australia and asked her to go online so that we could have a small chat. I couldn’t be more than thankful for this Las Vegas vacation that I want to thank her and see her face.

And so there we went, the conversation lasted for about 15-20minutes and just before it ended, my mother showed me some of the materials she has bought from the store to dress up my burlesque costumes. And I couldn’t be happier to see it.

My mother was very kind to me not to worry about my Burlesque costumes, as everything will be ready when I come back home and when school starts once more. And so, she tells me to enjoy my stay and have fun with my cousins.

I told my mother that I was invited to a cirque event that I only often read about while I was back in Australia. However, this time, I will be witnessing it love only here at Las Vegas. and she was really excited for me too.

After a while, we ended our conversation with sweet goodnights.

They next day, I was again surprised, burlesque costumes style, seeing Shawn wearing Shannon’s burlesque costumes from last night. Shawn was a bit chubby, by the way, and she does not perfectly fit on the burlesque costumes.

I couldn’t help but love, everybody was loving at Shawn anyway. And so, they asked me to wear the burlesque costumes myself and I did. I was very happy to hear them say I was stunning in the burlesque costumes.

The best part is, Shawn told me that Shannon has left these set of burlesque costumes and wants to hand it over to me so I could bring it back to Australia!