Since I am done with Nina Dobrev's different sets of burlesque costumes, that does not stop me from innovating and designing new ones for my favorite stars.

Next on the list is one of the highly paid stars of her age; and she definitely has the looks; the skills; and yes the talent. Are you wondering whom am I referring to? If you have been following my previous posts on my favorite stars and how badly I want to design different burlesque costumes for them, you will know who I am talking about.

But if you haven't I want you to take a wild wild guess. And I will be giving you a bunch of clues to get started too. She, yes, she is a female had stared in different movies coming from different genres. One of mu favorite is the romantic comedy film that got a couple of nominations from big award giving bodies in the United States.

Additionally, she had done movies on different genres such as sci-fi films, action adventure and she even starred as one of the big starring roles on an epic trilogy.

She starred as Katnis, and Mystique to the two of the most highly anticipated movies of her time. And there is no doubt she has always been my favorite.

It would be such an honor to have burlesque costumes designed for her and it will require me a whole lot of creativity. Nevertheless, I am all set and ready for the burlesque costumes challenge!

Conceptualizing a series of burlesque costumes for a star with these multiple talents and is well-loved by the public will be the best challenge I will ever encounter.