Is your favorite color the color of green?

If so, then this may mean a lot of things. Read along and discover your green personality before you even decide on wearing the next set of green burlesque costumes.

If your favorite color is the color green, then you may be considered as a practical, down-to-earth person with a love of nature.

You are stable and well balanced or are striving for balance - in seeking this balance, you can at times become unsettled and anxious.

Having a personality color green means you are kind, generous and compassionate - good to have around during a crisis as you remain calm and take control of the situation until it is resolved.

Did you know that if loved the color green, you can also be considered as a good citizen and like to be involved in community groups. You have high moral standards and doing the right thing is important to you. And with the very same color, you can do just about the same and project the color of green by wearing it on stage.

So if you plan to wear the color green again in one of your set of burlesque costumes, be sure to be able to relate to the very same attitude. Green can be best fitted with the accent of color yellow, giving an effect of the garden as it represents the leaves and yellow as it represents flowers. How is that for you?

So put on flowers on your burlesque costumes and accessorize your green burlesque costumes with a fancy color of yellow.