And so I tripped; and was not even able to get up right away. I do not exactly recall what happened but I can see everyone’s horrified faces while seeing me trip on stage.

I too was horrified and thought I couldn’t make it on the top role if I lost my poise on the auditions. I thought it was over for me and my dream to be the most important burlesque character on stage.

As I tripped on stage, a lot of things came rushing into me and I could even recall how ashamed I was to be found lying on stage. I could still see vividly how my Aunt’s face came from a very proud face, transformed into a very disappointed face.

What I thought was supposed to be the best performance of my life yet, was then one of the worst. As I continue to dance with the best burlesque costumes I have worn yet so far, I couldn’t help myself but be disappointed.

But I was up with my own feet and now I can make up with what I have missed. So getting tripped on stage for the auditions was so inconvenient but I was back on my feet again and I however would want to be back on the game and the dance.

And so, it was my chance to get back on my feet and show everyone that I could still make it. It was more or less than a minute before my song finishes at that moment and so I continued everything with grace, I sure wouldn’t want everything to go on waste, especially my burlesque costumes.

So from the very disappointed face of my aunt and part of the audience, I can see everyone was enlightened.