If you are not fond of wearing the color gold, or maybe you are not into wearing gold jewelry; then you should read more about my upcoming posts while I discuss more about the value of gold and the meaning of this lustrous color. In addition, I will also be discussing more about the various burlesque costumes and burlesque ideas that will bring out the beauty of this color and you natural beauty too.

Starting off, Did you know that wearing a gold necklace can help you preserve good health? Gold is definitely one of the metals that is good for you. Now if you were to ask me how does a gold necklace for example does this? Read a long this post and preserve good health not only for your body but also for your next burlesque performance.

Gold has been known to possess a warm energy that brings soothing vibrations to the body to aid in the healing process. So by now you may be wondering why other people would love to have gold not only as a major accessory to enhance the look or to create an impression but it might be also because of the fact that they want to be in good health and in good shape.

Just like in your burlesque costumes, the color gold might just be the perfect choice for your burlesque costumes for a long range of healthy performances that would not only be best for you but for the whole production team too! Would you consider wearing a gold necklace during your next performance and as a part of your burlesque costumes now?