And so, the second to the last performance during that night made it even more exciting not because of the Megan Fox look-a-like dancer; but it was even more fun and exciting to hear one of the songs I have also danced into, play on stage.

It got me so excited that I could feel my legs dancing at every beat. Even when I may only be sitting in the audience, I could still see myself smiling and dancing in front of the crowd. Even more, I could also see myself dancing with one of my most favorite Burlesque costumes.

I could feel every bone in mg body and every hair in my head, a little bit ticklish, and I just want to feel like I want to dance.

The song is also one of my favorites and not to mention that the choreography that we had for the song was also one of my favorites! I could still recall the burlesque costumes I wore during that day and how people around me greeted me with glee, telling me I looked good on them. Even more, I can still recall those who patronized me, especially my fellow dancers, telling me how I did so well with that performance.

It was such an honor for me to hear those words and it made me even more inspired to do the best that I can and bring out the best in me, each time I perform.

What was even a great coincidence was when the very same steps were executed during the chorus, which was also my most favorite part of the song. I could say that this song brought me back to my own golden days of burlesque costumes and burlesque performances.