As promised, there is more to come of burlesque costumes for Nina Dobrev and her The Vampire Diaries characters. Since they are known to be vampires and withches in the series, they are known to have lived more than a hundred and even thousands of years. And waht could be more exciting than getting into the differe t evolution of fashion and living during the burlesque era and seeing all the glamour and style of burlesque costumes.

Another character played by Nina Dobrev is the character named Amara. Amara is also known as Silas' lover and also a doppelganger of Elena too.

Amara on the other hand holds a different character compared to the two. Although Amara’s character was not totally known on the series of the Vampire Diaries, her brief appearance in the series already gave me the idea that burlesque costumes in yellow is definitely perfect for her.

Are you asking me why I would want to go for yellow burlesque costumes for Amara? That is because yellow is a really mysterious color and this suits Amara’s character very well. A yellow set burlesque costumes which at the same time resembles the color gold too.

At this point, the color yellow does not only become a mysterious choice for burlesque costumes, but at the same time, giving glamour is the golden shade too. I am sure that Nina as Amara would eventually look more than just a princess; but an irresistibly beautiful one.

I admit, it would have been more than exciting to her around the series but too bad, her character was short-lived. Unlike this attractive burlesque costumes though; this one is made to last.