When I had all the time in the world getting all the attention and wearing all the best that the burlesque costumes has to offer when I was in my 6th grade, I never realized how important it is to have my fellow dancers, who were my back up, back on stage with me. I never have realized how they had contributed in making every number that I star with, an awesome one. I couldn’t even exactly recall if I had the chance to thank all of them, or even had the courage back then to share the success that I have received not only from the audience but also from the members of the school board. Those were the times when I felt I was the only star of burlesque and wearing the best burlesque costumes; yet it may have not been that so good with my other fellow dancers. As a star back home, I couldn’t even take the courage to face these dancers, my supporting dancers. I was so stuck wearing the best burlesque costumes, performing on the best stages and acts; and most importantly getting all the love and attention coming from people whom I barely know. And suddenly, these amazing realizations were slowly coming back on me. I couldn’t even recall how me and my other dance group member back in 6th grade had a huge fight about between who will occupy the major role for a well anticipated play. I did not choose myself but the board did. and so, me and my fellow dancer were not as good as before after the announcement. Now you have been excited thinking about how were things sorted? I had a huge fight with her while fighting hard for my main role.