Let me tell you another set of burlesque costumes I dream of. I have thinking about conceptualizing burlesque costumes for my favorite stars; and have discussed one idea on my previous post of Adriana from Victoria's Secret angels. If hers was a combination of red, gold some fridges and gold accents; I will be more than happy to tell you about the burlesque costumes I have dream of from another Victoria’s Secret angel, Candice.

Candice, with much of her appearances on Victoria's Secret fashion shows, is marketed as a sweet sassy girl next door that is too hot to handle. Actually, all angels are but for me, there is this something about Candice that stands out.

With her sweet type of personality and projection, I think it would be nice to have burlesque costumes come in candy colors for Candice. How delicious would she look like when she wears candy colored burlesque costumes.

More often than not, seldom do we see burlesque costumes in candy bright colors because most are seen with red, black, silver, gold to yellow and deep hues of blue. However, since we are to match Candice with her personality, it would be great to have pink and teal colored burlesque costumes to fit her sweet and sexy style.

Let me tell you more about the reasons behind why I choose these set of colors for both angels and know more about my other burlesque costumes ideas for the lovely ladies I have mentioned that belonged to my list. Know more about my imaginative ideas for these lovely ladies and see for yourself how they would look like in these fantastic burlesque costumes!

What do you think would fit Candice? Do you have any suggestions for burlesque costumes that would suit Adriana?