When talking about individual artists, I know you would agree when I say that Beyonce is definitely one of the sexiest in her generation and that the way she carried herself in every performance is just so awesome.

However, as a movie, I could say that the best burlesque costumes featured in a movie are found in the very recent movie starred by the man, Leonardo Dicaprio. I couldn’t wait to watch the movie again, I have watched the Great Gatsby for almost five times now! If you watched the movie, and could clearly recall the scene where he hosted burlesque costumes inspired parties on his mansion, I know you would definitely agree.

Although every burlesque performances were not shown in full and were merely considered as a background on the scenes in the movie, my eyes would be caught every time the camera pans through the dancers and their performances and wearing their burlesque costumes like they own it.

Not to mention, the great show production that is highlighted too. Can you imagine burlesque performers singing and dancing live in the middle of a swimming pool, backed up by live music, wonderful burlesque costumes and a wonderful display of fireworks at the finale? If you couldn’t and wouldn’t dare, simply watch the movie the Great Gatsby and you will see how the director, together with all of his staff came up with such striking performances.

While watching the movie, I could also say that the whole scenes revolved during the burlesque era –the costumes, the parties and even the cars feature a vivid picture of the burlesque era and how extravagant everyone looks like in their wardrobe –and is now considered as one of the most creative and extravagant costumes to wear on stage.