Today is the day. I have everything set for my burlesque costumes and I have entrusted everything to my dearest mother. This year’s trip to Las Vegas will sure be fun and enjoyable to me. There is indeed the first time for everything and I know for sure that this will be one of them; and I trust that this will be a memorable one.

It was a divided effort coming from my parents, of course mom and dad didn’t want me to grow up without knowing the rest of the family and also Aunt Lucy’s family to bring me to Las Vegas once they knew that I was getting a scholarship to college, doing the this I love the most, dancing with my burlesque costumes. I know that this trip isn’t cheap. And I want to make the most out of it.

My Aunt Lucy and some of my cousin who also reside in Las Vegas has booked us on some of the best burlesque Shows which features the best burlesque costumes lined up in the hotels and casinos of Las Vegas, on my stay.

I actually do not know what to expect since it will be my first time to witness a full production of burlesque stage with elaborate acts, choreography and burlesque costumes. However, I am very sure that it will be beyond words!

I feel very lucky to have a supportive and loving family that I will be able to experience the real deal on one of the things I love doing the most.

To my mom and dad, who has always showed me their love and support and for providing all the things I need; and to my Aunty Lucy and the rest of the family I am so excited to see you together with all the burlesque shows and burlesque costumes of course!