I have given you a slight introduction of why I love Jennifer Lawrence, but I haven’t told you about the different things I learned from her.

I love it when I see her on the movies. The different roles she had played has been a big source of inspiration for me, not only for being her fan but at the same time as a person too. And more often than not, I couldn’t deny but I could also relate to her as a burlesque dancer.

I love the different roles she had played starting off with the movies and at the same time, the books that I have always been a fan of. If you know what I am thinking about, it is no other than the Hunger Games.

I loved Jennifer Lawrence’s role on the movies. The first one specifically is the one I loved the most. If you are asking me why, I loved the courage she showed to the first part of the movie. Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence stepped out from the crowd and volunteered to be the representative of her district in replacement of her younger sister.

This is only one of the many characters I love about Katniss and the whole movie itself. For me, it showed more than just courage. It is a mirror of how women and young girls should stand up for themselves.

What color do you think would best represent courage?

For the first set of burlesque costumes I will feature for Jennifer Lawrence, I will definitely carry it into her character. It would be nice to look into her character and see what fits the most for her courageous character.