Since I have mentioned about recalling some of the best and the worst burlesque memories I have and have gathered all these years, we will start during my 6th grade where I grabbed the most important role on a burlesque act, for one of the most prestigious burlesque gathering there yet in Australia.

It was back then when I can see everyone envied me and my position not only on the dancing group list of officers, but also with my role on the play.

Since being the most important character was more of a challenge than actually a gift, I had to do my best not just to impress myself but also the stage director.

My Stage director back then when I was still on the 6th grade made me choose among the best burlesque costumes she had worked so far. Although most of them that time came in a size of a full blown woman, she then promised me to let her staff know that I still need everything to fall into shape.

My stage director not only made me choose what burlesque costumes to wear but explained to me that it is always important that I am comfortable with every burlesque costume I wear, especially when I wear it on stage and in front of the audience.

I think that it was my stage director back then who made me appreciate the best of what burlesque costumes has to offer. I have learned not just about carrying out your costumes with class but also how important it is to feel good about it too.

My stage director back then may never have noticed how I valued every burlesque costume issued to me or the school, and when I come home I will make sure to let her know.