So the whole story of me designing amazing burlesque costumes for my favorite stars wouldn't stop from Adriana and some thoughts of the best burlesque costumes for Candice. I once saw a Victoria's Secret Angel on the ramp with a combination of candy bright colors, with pink and teal and that gives me the inspiration of my next burlesque costumes for Candice. With this Victoria's Secret angel's unique personality, style and class she deserves a burlesque costume that fits her well. A combination of pink and teal with accents of silver is definitely perfect for her! Pink for her feminism, with how she projects that being a woman is one of her strongest points, and becoming an angel says it all. And teal because of her playful sweet style that gives her uniqueness among the other angels; just like how the color teal is with all the hues of blue and green. For me, it would also be awesome to see silver accents and glitters on her pink, straight cut corset costumes with bones; enhancing the shape of her body. And at the same time, matched with a teal tutu skirt that is blooming would be a perfect choice to match her playful and sweet style. A burlesque costume with this style truly matches her caliber. It would be my honor to let her wear the burlesque costumes that I designed for her and it would be a pleasure if she could grant me my wish. It would mean a lot for me if she could only post with it, or she could walk into the catwalk with these burlesque costumes that I have conceptualized especially for her.