Calling my mother did not only answer my queries on how my Burlesque costumes were going, but it also made me miss home even more.

However, this trip to Las Vegas is so exciting that I often forget about home too! I don't know, maybe I often get too excited and all hyper that Las Vegas has caught me and much of my attention.

To my surprise, my cousins have booked me to visit another special exhibit all about burlesque and burlesque costumes! I know I will not be able to say no to them and their plans and so, they have approached me to prepare and dress nicely for tonight.

I may not be done yet in telling you the stage and the performances of the great burlesque dancers and the brightest burlesque costumes I have seen on Las Vegas, and I’m not yet done in telling you about the special people that made by earlier days in the burlesque business really special; and here I am again, out for another adventurous and unforgettable trip in a while.

So I never thought I would be as busy as a main burlesque stage act during rehearsals back home. I never thought that my Las Vegas vacation would be busy as a bee all throughout. However, this one is all different since I am not here to wear burlesque costumes when I go out, I am not here to perform on stage; but I am here to experience burlesque and more while seating in the audience.

I will make sure to finish off with the burlesque acts and burlesque costumes, including the special people in my burlesque life before I even talk about our trip tonight!