Coming from the main color, Red but with a deeper and even stronger shade is the color purple. We could only think of this color as a deep seated red color with a twist and combination of a little bit of purple; and this color is absolutely unique in nature. Do you know why?

Read more about the color maroon, what it means, what people think about it; and even more know about its contribution to the fashion scene most especially in the burlesque costumes scene of course.

Have you know someone who owns a set of maroon burlesque costumes or maybe someone who plans to own one? If you do, and you think this color of burlesque costumes might also suit you, consider the next few blog posts we will be featuring and know more about the color maroon and how it would be perfect for your next set of burlesque costumes.

Just think about it, having the maroon color as your burlesque costumes would give you the sexiness and firing attitude the color red possesses and at the same time, it will give you the charismatic appeal found in the color purple.

Indeed the combination of this two colors could end up in that one unique color that everyone would absolutely love.

So when you might be thinking twice about having burlesque costumes in the color maroon, think of red and purple rolled into one and think of it as a very nice combination of colors. Even more, think of the fact that kings, and queens wore maroon capes!