Just when I thought I had all the time in the world to tell you about the best and most unique burlesque costumes that I love, here comes the next act.

Just so when I thought I have all the luxury to express myself while telling you some of the burlesque costumes I would look forward to wear, the next act just caught my attention. And so, instead of blurting all the things I have in mind and taking them all down for me to write about it, I gave my full attention to the next act.

Although I am a bit disappointed because I know I will soon be forgetting about the different burlesque costumes ideas I have in mind, I simply don’t have any choice but to pay attention to the performance.

After all the performances for tonight’s show, I was surprised to see the same faces of dancers. The twins from the previous number were there; and so as the charming young woman on the ala Romeo and Juliet number. Not to mention some of the boys who were also included in the previous performances.

I asked myself, is this the finale performance? – I think not. So far, this is only the fifth performance and we were promised to see a total of seven performances with the best burlesque costumes. And so, I paid more attention to the performance myself.

Everything was in place and all the dancers were in, ALAS! I saw a new face, and this time, she was the main act of the performance. Though the familiar faces made their marks with their dance moves and how they carried their burlesque costumes, this new face seemed to do it so well, too!