Just when we thought love stories are only seen in the big screen, then you might want to think again.

Love stories are not only found on the latest movie flick or the bestselling book, I have proof and I will show you where else can you find one!

How about finding a great love story on a burlesque show?

Down with tonight’s fourth act, I think I just found the best ever love story I have witnessed on stage with amazing performers on their burlesque costumes. Yes, that is right. Tonight, I found the best love story with a whole new twist of burlesque and burlesque costumes.

The fourth act had a blast for an opening and so the excitement continues with the act progressing like a story of a young woman and a young man madly in love with each other. To my own judgment, it was more of a Romeo and Juliet story, Imagine Romeo and Juliet in a whole new level and of course in burlesque costumes that is.

At the middle of the act, the main actors and actresses engage on a, what I can explain as a love scene. Back with their musical instruments, the actor was playing a really romantic tune with the woman performing a really sexy dance on the man’s lap. What even makes it even more attractive is that the woman’s burlesque costumes was full of fridges and that her dance movements made her burlesque costumes really fringy and even more attractive and really sexy.

Even more, I have been really excited to see the ending of this one. It’s Romeo and Juliet minus the family rivalry and I am looking forward to see how it ends.