While we were nearing Aunt Lucy’s place, I had this gut feeling that she was a bit getting nervous. I don’t know, it made me started a suspicion that there is indeed a burlesque costumes welcome party of some sort; however I wouldn’t want to expect.

And so, while grabbing my bags out of the car, a nice gentleman was there to help up. And yes, it was my cousin Mike. I was very glad to meet him and I am getting more and more excited to get to know the rest of the family.

And when Aunt Lucy opened the door, there’s this pretty young woman, holding a surprise cake with a Barbie doll on burlesque costumes, how sweet is that?

And so, I was surprised, yes. I saw Aunt Lucy really happy while I was kissing everyone on the welcome party. I had the chance to meet my Uncle, Uncle David, whom is Aunt Lucy’s husband; there was also another Aunt of mine who is still single and is the youngest of my mother’s siblings.

Moving on, I was so surprised to see hired persons wearing burlesque costumes. I was not introduced to any of them so I thought they were not my relatives. Little did I know that one of them were. It was Shanon, she was a daughter of Aunt Lucy’s elder brother. Shanon was wearing a beautiful combination of pink and purple burlesque costumes that I was with so much awe seeing it at first.

Shanon by the way is a great dancer too. She told me that those wearing burlesque costumes on my welcome party were actually her friends from the dance company! I think it runs in the blood.