Oh my! A far from the waiting area in the airport, I instantly recognized Aunt Lucy’s face and as I look around, I didn’t expect to see burlesque dancers on their burlesque costumes, but..

Shawn, Michael and Jerome weren’t there in the crowd. Could it be that they truly have this burlesque show and burlesque costumes surprise for me? Thankfully, not!

As I walk out the arrival section of the airport, I could see Aunt Lucy’s face gleaming with joy. I can see her eyes smile like she was really happy to finally see me as I grew as a fine young lady, well that was what she said.

“You have your mother’s beautiful eyes,” she said. And I couldn’t agree to her more.

After greeting my Aunt Lucy, I asked her of Shawn, Michael and Jerome but I thought they could just be there waiting for me on their house. So I didn’t bother asking Aunt Lucy anymore.

So it was just me, Aunt Lucy and all my excitement to experience burlesque in Las Vegas.

In the car, Aunt Lucy has so much to say and I admit I find it awkward a bit, the first time. However, she made me feel really welcome and she was so nice so I did not hesitate to open up with her.

She asked me questions about my love for dancing burlesque, my collection of extravagant burlesque costumes and my scholarship for college.

We called my mother while on the car and told her about my arrival and asked her how my burlesque costumes were going.

My mother was really kind to tell me not to worry about my burlesque costumes and tells me to enjoy Vegas.

As we head near their place, I just could see my Mother in Aunt Lucy and I’m sure this will be great!