Now if there’s anyone in the crowd who would tell me that this burlesque show; including the burlesque costumes, choreography and production is not that awesome, then you could slap me on the face.

I can tell by the looks of everyone’s eye and the sound of the clapping that everybody loves this awesome burlesque show. Personally, I can’t find just a tiny bit of error in all the acts. It’s not that I came to critic the show, but on the brighter side, I feel that this show is almost perfect that I want to burst out of my face and scream. (However, my cousin Shawn wouldn’t allow me to.)

What she doesn’t know however is that I keep on posting pictures on my different social media accounts on the spot and that is where I vent out all my emotions with how I love every bit of the show.

While waiting for the third act for tonight’s show, I have noted on my phone how I would love my burlesque costumes to look like – Las Vegas inspired.

What I loved the most with what I have just witnessed for tonight is the combination of gold and silver. I can’t blame myself if I would ask my mother to have the production of the burlesque costumes for the next school year, on hold.

Thanks to my mother who has always been patient and supportive and the rest of the family here in Las Vegas, I was able to gain so many insights with different burlesque costumes, choreography and ideas that does not only make me a better dancer, but also a person with a wider perspective.

So the next thing to do before the third act starts is to make a call to mother and put the burlesque costumes’ production on hold.