And so the fourth act begins!

I have been looking forward a more creative and outstanding performance and the opening alone of the fourth act caught my attention. It was a big drum roll from four men on stage with colorful burlesque costumes.

The drum rolling weren’t even at random, it had a nice tune and played really with extreme coordination. I can clearly tell that these four men were total performers and were not only burlesque dancers, but musical players too.

One man then hurriedly grabbed his saxophone and boom! a great sound combination of sound was created and everyone in the audience were all ears.

I would love to have that one recorded and so I did. To my surprise, another woman, this time, with a stunning set of burlesque costumes came out of nowhere and started playing the saxophone too.

This is actually the first time I have seen a woman playing the saxophone live, and yes, she did hit it!

The musical scoring was a bit slow with romance on the side. It was not really like the usual burlesque acts you see that plays along with upbeat sound and intense choreography. What I loved about the fourth act is not only the burlesque costumes, but how the producers and directors have incorporated an intense feeling of love and romance on the stage.

Now this is a whole new burlesque show!

Eventually, they were not only playing their saxophone, but they started slow dancing while the act progresses. And yes, they ended up dancing on a song medley, with one burlesque classic I am very familiar with.

It is really nice to see a shift, not only on the characters but also on the burlesque act.