Do you love this color we introduced to you on the blog articles posted a few days back? This color is none other but the color teal also known as turquoise that is. This time, you may have considered it in your next set of burlesque costumes not only because you want to be on the trend or set the trend; or at the same time you may considered it as well because you have learned to love the color.

Analyst and psychologist all over the world have come up to the color of psychology and can now tell you what type of person you may be when you love this color. Although this may be a temporary choice for a favorite color, you should still find yourself somewhere in these psychological explanations of the color personality.

So, before your conclude that you want to strut a teal colored burlesque costumes on the next event or stage act, consider the personality color of the color teal as you read it here.:

If you have loved this color even before our short introduction, the this might be the perfect psychological explanation we have for you. If this is your favorite color, you are friendly and approachable, easy to communicate with. At the same time, you are also compassionate, empathetic and caring.

For teal or turquoise color lovers, You have a heightened sense of creativity and sensitivity. You speak from the heart and love sharing your inner most thoughts.

Show off to the world what you are and strut a set of teal colored burlesque costumes and let them see you as a friendly and approachable, easy to communicate type of person; who knows? You might just catch up on someone new in the crowd.