Nothing beats a good old look at the past. Do you agree?

I could clearly recall how I looked liked on my first ever performance on stage. Even more, I can clearly recall how I managed to dress up my hair and wear my burlesque costume without any supervision.

You see, it has always been a performer’s challenge to prepare by herself back stage. Although not everyone has the guts to do it, I was very proud of myself during my elementary days back then. I was in 6th grade when I got in in the audition, and it was almost spring break when we had our first major presentation in front of so many people.

I still vividly gasp how I looked and how the crowed made me feel that day. It may be my first performance as a burlesque dancer on stage; but it was also my first ever burlesque starring role. Of course, I could not deny that I wore the best burlesque costumes back then too!

Thos were the days when I felt I owned every moment while I was out there performing on stage with my burlesque costumes. And the very first one I had back when I was in 6th grade gave me the will to continue on the newest found passion of me, during that time. I surely loved the burlesque costumes, and I absolutely adore all the attention.

The first performance I had lead from one burlesque performance to another, even more, leading me to major roles and roles that I am proud to say; marked its way to the audience. I did not only love all the attention but I loved being there, the apple of the eye of everybody.

Now I know how it might have affected my fellow burlesque dancers.