I couldn’t wait to see the next burlesque act. as I have mentioned earlier, it got me a little disappointed to actually be forgetting about the things I already have in mind, this next performance however gave me all the chills and that it even opened up my mind to some more unique thoughts and ideas I couldn’t even imagine I could come up with.

Not to brag about all about it but I know I am a burlesque star back home and I happen to act and dance all at the same time and become the star in every performance too. So yes, the show happens to be all about me, featured in different numbers and starring in different dances.

Not to mention I always have the most elaborate burlesque costumes too. I don’t know, it seems I have really enjoyed every performance back then, and all the attention too. I loved how I looked so fabulous with every burlesque costume and that I know I simply stood out above everyone. I don’t know how I got all the star role, though.

However, with tonight’s show I realized how it would be like for others to stand out too. I think it would be really great to give others a chance to be on the limelight too.

With tonight’s show, I realized how it would also be a total attraction to every audience to see some new faces on the show too. Even more, letting them see a new face on stage can be a real attraction too.

So I figured, enough of all the attention and elaborate burlesque costumes, for by the time I come back home, I am going to give everyone a chance for audition and star a number or two in their own.