Back on the 6th grade, I became more encouraged to be on time on practice, give out my best in every performance and I knew I always do my part well because I have the perfect friend on and off stage, who stands as my mentor too.

The one I am talking about is also the same person who grabbed his phone and took a picture of me and him together, while telling me I looked great in my burlesque costumes. The person I am talking about is none other but the assistant stage producer and designer of burlesque costumes.

Aside from being an assistant stage producer, Michael, yes that's his name, also designs burlesque costumes and he gives justice to the blending of the burlesque costumes to the stage background.

I have always admired him with his work; and I loved the way he used to fix and arrange all my burlesque costumes for me. Other than that, Michael was also a full time stage actor. Well, he actually acts and dances at the same time and he does stage production as part of his extra income.

I love it how Michael motivates me and the rest of us each time we have practice. I love it how he gathers all of us, and share to us stories that will definitely encourage us to give it our best shot on stage.

Michael became not only my stage production coordinator, but also my good friend. We shared stories to each other on and off stage and on and off stage topics; and loved at each other’s jokes too. He also became my mentor because I saw him danced and I saw how he performed on stage, too.

It has always been fun having Michael.