Aside from Michael, there had been really a few people who were close to me in the whole duration of the practice. I can’t deny it but I have loved dancing and wearing my burlesque costumes even more, because of them.

If Michael was setting up everything from the stage to the burlesque costumes, my personal assistant however was the one setting up everything for me, from schedules up to school assignments. Don’t get me wrong though as I may be too young and amateur to have an assistant of my own. But just so to cut the long story short, my own personal assistant was nonetheless, my very own Mother.

My mother is definitely one of the ones the call as stage mothers; and up until now, she still is. Despite of her busy work schedule and her own household chores, she never fails to stand by me even during practice and I appreciate all of that.

As a personal assistant, she checks into my schedule while making sure I do not miss on anything especially while doing burlesque dancing and school at the same time. She also makes sure that I have all of my burlesque costumes ready, whether on practice or the main performance and she never falls short of making my meals too!

She does not only act as my own personal assistant on stage but also at home. At the same time, she is also one of the persons who never hesitates to ask me if something was wrong, or if something was bothering me, whether on stage or off stage. I think my mother knows me too much that she could instantly tell if something not so good was happening to me.

It may sound cool talking all about this, but it took me a while to adjust to what my mother was up to.