When I was the top performer at school, I took all the chance I had in order to make everybody love me; and yes, it all worked out for some time. That’s because I owned the top roles in a few more years, until I graduate from High school. And that also mean, wearing the best burlesque costumes our school production team has ever produced.

It’s funny how I have been so selfish back then –all the pride and glory; all of the best burlesque costumes. Today’s performances made me realize how I wanted to share all the glory to my fellow dancers, who back then weren’t even given the chance to star on a number they have always wanted.

And just like what I have mentioned earlier, a small auditioned for every main role would matter. If ever given the chance to have suggestions and other things like that; it would be my pleasure to be a part of the auditions and become the judge too.

By the looks of tonight’s show I can see that the whole group worked very hard on every number; while giving each other and one another a chance to become a star of their own. I really admired how the whole casting came up with this idea and simply did not let one or two other dancers monopolize the whole show.

It gave me and I am sure the whole people in the audience the chance to actually look forward for the next performance with the new face. Speaking of the new face, I will talk more about him and her on the next few posts and how they have strut on the stage with the best burlesque costumes one could ever find.