So I was all ears on this solo act. As a burlesque dancer myself, I would love to perform solo on stage since performing solo actually means, being one of the head of the dance group too. I was really lucky to perform a solo on one of the burlesque shows and wore a really nice burlesque costume; we had in high school however, it was not a full solo act; and I just did the entrance before anyone else in the dance number.

I had a really great time during that performance and for me, it felt like I owned the night. And for sure, this is exactly how this dancer may feel during her burlesque performance. What’s even more amazing is that this performance is way beyond the ordinary.

Performing solo in one of the best burlesque world class show should be a real deal.

I asked my cousin if by chance she knows her name, but she too did not have any idea. What I have in my mind is that this dancer should be one of the real deal burlesque dancers in Las Vegas.

I really wanted to know her name and I too wanted to ask around but I know it was kind of off to do and so I just opted to concentrate during her performance.

Oh I almost forgot, or have I ever mentioned it earlier? She was not wearing any sort of burlesque costume!

So on the next part of my post, I will be featuring a burlesque costume so unique, you will even think that the burlesque dancer is not wearing anything. Moreover, I will be featuring more of unique burlesque costumes too!