So this few face in the show were even as good as the other burlesque costumes stars from the previous performances. She really caught my eye.

So I could just imagine myself onstage and getting all the attention; but with what I saw tonight, it also matters to give others a chance; after all, we are also a group. And so, every part of the group should take a part and stand out on his or her own with the best burlesque costumes.

However, being the star of the show seemed to b the most important part too. That is why, I believe that everyone should get the chance to participate in the audition and vie for the starring role. It doesn’t just have to be me always, I think. I don’t know how everything happened, maybe my coach back then thought that I am the best among the rest, but it does not have to be me all the time –this is what I realized. I thought to myself, maybe my other group mates were more than envious on how I stand on stage; even more with the best burlesque costumes I have too.

So I thought, just to be fair and square with everyone on the group, it would be a whole lot better to give them their chances to shine on the spotlight too. If ever given the chance to train them, I would love to conduct an audition, giving everyone a chance to be screened and be judged based on their individual performances.

I never wanted to biased or something; nor do I wanted to have the show monopolized. So I guess it would be perfect to set a new trend back home. Fair enough, everybody deserves to wear the best burlesque costume.