Let me begin this post by telling you about how much I love Jennifer Lawrence and why I chose her to be featured in this week long blog. Yes, you got it right! I will be featuring this beauty for the whole week long because I just have so much to talk about her.

Adding up to this is my desire to design burlesque costumes for her, as inspired by her different characters as featured on different movies; and even shows too. This time, like the previous posts I have made for the past stars being featured, like the Victoria’s Secret Angels and Nina Dobrev.

So? Why do I love Jennifer Lawrence and why do I want to match her character in different burlesque costumes? The answer my dear is very simple, “Who wouldn’t?”

Yes, for a burlesque dancer and lover like me, who wouldn’t want to have their favorite stars dance with them, and who wouldn’t want to have starred with her in one of the shows and movies she is on?

I love Jennifer Lawrence in all different reasons there is. And I would love to see her in one of the many burlesque costumes I have designed, especially those that I have designed for her.

Above all else, everyone from my age would absolutely adore her, not only because of the different movies she has starred on, but also with the fact that she had made a lot of people inspired and proud about themselves, based on the different roles she had played. For a Jennifer Lawrence follower like me, it would be such an honor to design burlesque costumes for her, and it will be a pleasure to tell you all about her and invite you to be one of us too!