I was so hooked up with the thought of seeing my favorite stars on burlesque costumes and dancing burlesque that I couldn't stop from adding a little more personalities on the list!

As I have mentioned Jennifer Lawrence and Nina Dobrev as part of my first choices; and Megan Fox of course; I would love to have more women added like the models from the Victoria's Secret Angels like Adriana, and Candice too!

I literally envy how these Victoria's Secret Angels look when they are on the ramp and with tight bikinis on. And it would be great to see them in sexy showgirl costumes too! First off, I would like to see Adriana on a combination of red and gold burlesque costumes with sweetheart cut and full of rhinestones too.

I know that Adriana would absolutely look good on red and not just red but hot red, with matching lip color of course. Her hot red burlesque costumes would also be perfect with some frills and stones too. Gold would be the perfect accent to the red burlesque costumes and it would also be perfect match for her personality too.

In addition, it would be great to let her dance with a matching burlesque costumes top hat; also in matching colors of red and gold. If Adriana would wear such burlesque costumes in any burlesque show, then it would be great to see her live too. I love the idea of making burlesque costumes for my favorite stars and I would sure make one for Nina, Jennifer and Candice too.

Watch out for more of my burlesque costumes and concepts for my favorite stars with the upcoming posts! I am very excited for this one!