I definitely was caught on the opening of the third burlesque act.

On our tickets and invitations for the show, it was mentioned that it will be a total of seven burlesque acts with seven different themes and various burlesque costumes to be featured.

I am guessing that this third act will be extraordinary. It is my first time to actually see drum rolls performed together with burlesque and boy I am now surprised to see burlesque costumes worn by the drummers. The drum rolls were upbeat, and I am sure that everybody in the crowd felt like dancing, like the way I was.

The burlesque costumes for men were inspired by the all-time favorite, tuxedos for men, but with a great twist. Unlike the typical tuxedos you see worn by men on formal gatherings and parties, that come in black or dark blue with a combination of white shirt inside; burlesque costumes for men come in a great array of bright and shiny colors.

Yes, that’s right! Unlike the typical dark and corporate colors you often see in tuxedos, the burlesque costumes featured on tonight’s act come in bright yellow, pink, my all-time favorite purple and even green. What’s even noticeable is that these burlesque costumes were accented by sequins. I couldn’t wait to see these men perform with their lovely burlesque costumes.

Too bad there are only a few boys who joined in our school’s burlesque dance group. Back at school, boys often join sports and other masculine activities like weight lifting and only two or three boys come and join our burlesque act. I would absolutely love to see more and more boys come and join our dance group and I would recommend lovely and colorful burlesque costumes for them to wear.