I have always wondered what kind of songs are they playing on professional burlesque shows. Aside from the burlesque costumes and the choreography featured for the show tonight, I really look forward to the different songs that they are playing.

Back at my hometown and the performances we make at school of course, I wouldn’t deny that we tend to be a little afraid to experiment with the songs to be used.

All throughout the years however, burlesque costumes have evolved from the typical burlesque costumes we have seen from the past, to the more elegant versions of burlesque costumes.

From the usual glittering plain textiles, the design and cut of burlesque costumes used in our different stage acts has eventually evolved into more bold and adventurous type of burlesque costumes.

I couldn’t deny though that we need major improvement when it comes to musical scoring. Yes, aside from the showcase of burlesque costumes and choreography to please the eyes, the audience should also be pleased with the music being played while the dancers are performing.

Good thing I had the biggest chance to witness a world class burlesque performance and would hopefully have the wonderful chance to incorporate the ideas I have gained.

The three acts have created a great influence to me. There we drums rolling, little kids with short dialogues and dancers singing too with wonderful burlesque costumes.

These are very new to me and after all these years of performing and witnessing different performances in Australia, I have never witnessed such musical scoring for a burlesque show.

So tonight, before the fourth act for the show starts, I will not only take notice of the burlesque costumes they are wearing but of course of the musical scoring that is ideal for my future audience’s ears.