Talking all about Katniss from the Movie Hunger games, I can still recall the many characters from the movie and what reminded me of is that one character that acts as Katniss’ and her partner’s PR manager. I couldn’t exactly recall her name but, can anyone please tell me? She reminds he or a Harlequin Honey for burlesque costumes. Do you know that a Harlequin is a conventional buffoon from the acts of carnival in that originated in Venice. Like the character I am talking about from the movie, the name harlequin has an unknown origin. Unlike what we know of Burlesque Costumes Harlequin Honey; A harlequin back in the days is a poor character who is always hungry and has no money. In the theatres, he is wearing a colorful patched costume and most of time with an anarchic kind of behavior. However, with today’s present time, the character is well loved and the modern world created different variants. One of the most common variant of the original character is a female version, and that is the harlequin babe. Today, you can be a harlequin babe with Burlesque Costumes! Today, Burlesque Costumes got inspired with the original Harlequin look and in halter style with sequin trimmed cups. It also has a polka dot printed bodice with lace up front and a line ruffle skirted bottom with a pompom trimmed hemline. This Burlesque Costumes also gives you a matching mini top hat with finger-less gloves and a matching bow tie. This so reminds me of that one character! I will let you know when I can dig her name!