Now who are some of these people who found real success in the burlesque industry? You will be surprised to know that there are a mix of characters to be featured on this part of burlesque history. With today’s post, we will be discussing about one person who did not only make it; but she made it on top.

Yes, this person is a she and though others would expect female burlesque personalities to be dancers on stage and wearing fancy burlesque costumes, this person I am about to feature is all different to that.

This person I am talking about is nothing but Lydia Thompson. Lydia Thompson as The original program to Ixion, Broadway's first burlesque hit; and more of her stories are here!

In the late 1860s, Lydia Thompson's British burlesque troupe became New York's biggest theatrical sensation. Just imagine having all the love and attention of all New Yorkers and other visiting tourists? Not only did Lydia Thompson's British burlesque troupe became a sensation but also it was known for shows that captured the hearts of the audience.

Their first hit was Ixion (1868), a mythological spoof that had women in revealing tights playing men's roles. Now this became a big hit not only of the revealing burlesque costumes but it even made it interesting to see women playing men’s roles. In addition, the Lydia Thompson's British burlesque troupe featured Underdressed women playing sexual aggressors, combining good looks with impertinent comedy with revealing burlesque costumes and at the same time managed by and produced by a woman too.

No wonder men and adventurous wives turned out in droves, making Thompson and her "British blondes" the hottest thing in American show business.