Did you know that one of the greatest colors combined is black and silver? Together, the color black and the shine that the silver color brings, compliments each other like no other.

When others thought that the color black could be all mysterious, feared and even misinterpreted to be related to witchcraft and evil; it is the color silver that gives the color black a more lighter and approachable appeal.

Take a look at the array of burlesque costumes we have for you. The color black can be one of the most versatile color when you do not know exactly what will suit an event of any burlesque costumes party. As what they say it often, “If you do not know what to wear, then it is always wise to wear the color black.”

Can you even imagine adding a pinch of silver to your LBD? Or what women call as their Little Black Dress? How about when it comes to your burlesque costumes?

Black could be all fashionable, versatile and even glamorous, and with the touch of silver as being a metallic color gives you a black dress or a black burlesque costumes a more appealing look.

Match any of your black and silver burlesque costumes with silver accessories and a pair of black cigarette hills with silver accents and you could never go wrong on the next burlesque costumes and parties.

What other great and perfectly matching colors can you think of? On the following posts, we will tell you more about what we think compliments a color the best!